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Why have a Website

In order to stay competitive, businesses of all types and sizes are finding that having a presence on the web is essential.

The World Wide Web is the marketplace of our future, and fast becoming the most powerful method of global communication available today. In order to stay competitive, businesses of all types and sizes are finding that having a web presence is essential.

The cost of computer hardware, software and Internet access is falling everyday which means that the Internet is within easy reach of more and more people. Those who have access to the Internet are more likely to use it, to look for goods, services and information rather than use more traditional methods such as the yellow pages or telephone directories.

A website will advertise your business and image effectively to a world wide audience, and instantly give you 24-hours a day, 365 days a year communication with global markets. You can build better customer relationships with this increased communication made available through the World Wide Web.

A website makes it possible for the millions that use the Internet daily to contact you instantly. Changes can be made to your website's content easily giving you more control over the information you wish to be made available to your visitors.

According to recent statistics published, the number of people going online in Britain is now estimated at 18 million - a 2.5 million increase in the past eight months. Also according to these same statistics, three in five people in Britain now use the Internet from home. On average, five hours per week are spent online. These figures are set to increase in future. It is becoming more important daily that your business or personal endeavour establish a web presence.

Put simply, if you don't have a website, you are putting your business at a disadvantage. You won't be found by the millions of people that use the Internet daily to look for different types of goods and services online. Your competitor could be the one that is found instead.


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